We specialize in frozen fish export to Asia pacific and U.S. domestic markets.

● Frozen fish exports from North America to Japan and all over the World

Items : The Alaskan black cod, salmon, Kinki, flatfish, squid, sardines, other bottom fish.

● Frozen fish exports to Japan and the world form South America (Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil)

Items : Sardine, illex squid, giant squid, eel, shrimp, croker, shellfish, other small fish

● From Europe to Asia

Items: mackerel, sardine, northern frozen fish

● From Japan to the World

-    To Asian Canners for Sardine, mackerel
-    Scallop for North America
-    Bonito for Africa。

● Processed products in Asia to North America and Brazil
Fillet of white fish, processed products of tuna, salmon processed products, processed products of shrimp, and so on.

● U.S. domestic sales

Processed seafood items, in oriental markets